Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GTA5 earned more than $ 800 million on the first day...

The fifth opus most expensive video games ever made ​​"Grand Theft Auto" has earned more than $ 800 million the first day of sales, the company announced publisher Take-Two Interactive Software.
The company, owned by brand Rockstar Games under whose name games released, said it was the best selling of any product in the company's history.
"Grand Theft Auto V", was considered most anticipated game of the years, was put on sale on Tuesday in versions that are compatible with only two consoles - Sony's PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
Media estimates that its creation cost more than $ 270 million as the budget that can be compared with budget Hollywood blockbuster.
From its beginnings games in this series have sold 114 million copies. Grand Theft Auto IV has earned $ 500 million a week after the game went on sale in April 2008th and then it was a record.


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